Sec 1. Introduction

Video streaming has gained popularity in terms of providing entertaining and informative content. It offers convenience and flexibility. By merely browsing on the internet, we can watch the videos we love anytime and anywhere⁠— with an internet connection. Meanwhile, let's admit that it's not every day that we are lucky enough to still surf the net wherever we are. 

This is the reason why online video downloader takes place in the digital world. These kinds of tools made our videos shareable and more accessible for offline streaming. And for the best  Free Video Downloader Online, here's AceThinker Online Video Downloader. 

Sec 2. AceThinker Online Video Downloader

Suppose you are a fan of watching videos online. In that case, the good news is you can have them offline with this free video grabber like AceThinker Online Video Downloader. This web-based free online video downloader lets you download videos with no registration required⁠— unlimitedly. 

Additionally, this tool supports various video streaming sites, like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, Metacafe, LiveLeak, MyVideo, and so on. And suppose you love to educate yourself with YouTube or TED videos, we’ll demonstrate how it works on these two platforms after the jump.
This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac users.
You can download using these browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, or other web browsers. 

As of this writing, this online tool only lets you download one video at a time.

Sec 3. How to Download Video with AceThinker Online Video Downloader.

To use this video downloader, below is the step-by-step guide you can follow:

To download from YouTube:

1. Download Launcher and Activate the app

First, download the launcher from its AceThinker Online Video Downloader's site (For first-time users). Then, proceed to the activation of the app. 


1. Search for the Video

Next, search for the video on your favorite streaming site. In this example, we will download YouTube for free. Go to YouTube, and search for the video. After that, copy the URL from the address bar. 


2. Download the Video

Go back to the app's site to grab video for free. Paste the link you copied on the "Search" bar and wait for the tool to analyze the video. 


3. Choose Video Quality

Select your preferred video and audio resolution from the list and click download. Then, another window will appear. From there, you will see the menu bar on the bottom-right corner of the preview window and click "Download." After a while, your video will now be available and saved on your device. 

4. Play Your Downloaded File

Browse to your files and look for the folder where you saved it. Next, look for the video you downloaded from your list. Finally, right-click and open the file.


Sec 4. To download from TED videos:

1. Activate the Tool

Get the tool on this link AceThinker Online Video Downloader. Then, download the launcher and follow the activation process. 


2. Go to the TED site

Look for the video you want to download. Then, click the video and copy the URL on the address bar. After that, go back to the tool. 


3. Download the Video

On the Search bar, paste the link and click the Download icon. The tool will analyze the video, and it will show a list of video and audio resolution. After the selection, click the "Download" button again. A preview window will appear. Click the Menu button on its bottom-right corner and click "Download."  


4. Play your Downloaded TED Video

Go to your documents and look for your folder. Then, look for the video you want to watch and play it. Now, you can enjoy streaming those videos anywhere offline. 


Tips: Alternatively, you can also directly search for the video's name on the "Search" bar on the app's interface.

Sec 5. AceThinker Video Keeper Downloader

The ability of AceThinker Online Video Downloader is limited yet in terms of doing batch download and downloading lengthy videos (more than 15 minutes). It's good to try another downloader like AceThinker Video Keeper and download as many videos as possible. To appreciate it more, I listed down below its unique key features:

You can download multiple files here from popular video streaming sites in HD. 
You can search directly from this tool without opening another window for sourcing your video with its built-in browser. 
It can also convert video to MP3 by extracting the video's audio. 
You can get video subtitles here without the need to download an additional tool to do it. 
Downloading progress for the meantime, and download it once again, and it will continue where it stops.