Do you want the pressure cooker so that your cook be ready in a few minutes? Want a cooker from some reliable brand? Want the pot that provides safe cooking? Then why not to buy the instant pot DUO60? It is an excellent cooking pot that meets all your cooking requirements. Some of the feature that makes it reliable for you are


Cooker with multiple functions
The electric cooker is not a simple cooking appliance rather it has multiple functions. No matter you want to cook lentils or want to prepare rice or you want to serve steam chicken to your guests. This pot is the ultimate solution. It has features of 

Pressure cooker
Slow cooker
Rice maker
Yogurt maker
It saves your 70% time as compared to ordinary cooking pot.

Adjustable temperature setting
If you are afraid of the burning of your meals or your food remain uncooked or overcooked in ordinary pans then the instant pot can be a helpful utensil that you must have. It has a temperature control system. By applying these settings, you can prepare your food confidently. No need to be afraid now as the cooker will allow the perfect cooking of your meal. Get the perfectly cooked lentils, rice, and soft steamed fish, chicken, beef or mutton.

Multiple programs
Along with seven main features, it supports 14 different smart programs. That includes the cooking of soup, porridge, poultry, rice, pasteurization and place your food to warm them. Just press a button and here you go you will able to get the freshly and perfectly cooked meal within minutes. there is temperature control and timer so that you can adjust according to your food requirement. There is another feature of 24 delay start that means you can keep the warmer on hold and start when you are free as well as need freshly cooked food.

Durable and safe
It is a durable and safe electronic device that helps you to cook food without any fear of hazard. The internal pot is made of special stainless-steel lining that remains protected and does not darken while cooking. You find no food item stick on the pan. The inside pot is removable so you can easily wash and dry to place again inside the machine. The upper lid has a handle along with the pot contain the two side rubber handles that help you the convenient shifting of pot from one place to other.

When in the process it does create any noise as well as no steam coming out of it. Therefore, when you start it no one will come to know that you are cooking something. The slim and smart body help you to keep it on any shelf or anywhere in the kitchen where it is feasible for you to handle it. This is an awesome cooking appliance that helps you to cook all the food quickly. This is the best item not for the ladies who do the job but housewives can also avail this incredible electric cooking machine.