We tell a shit-load of lies every day. Sometimes, we tell the same lie too many times it becomes so natural for us to say it, like we almost believe it. But what do we really mean when we say certain things? Take the poll below:

1. “Hey, sorry, I just got your text!”


What I really mean:

   You aren't important. It can wait.
   I had other more interesting conversations going on.
   I'm free to talk now, because no one is talking to me right now.

2. “Sorry I missed your call, what’s up?”


What I really mean:

   I was taking a dump and didn't want you to hear them sounds.
   I totally declined your call, because you weren't important at the time.
   I'm free to talk now, because no one is talking to me right now.

3. “I’m so tired, I barely slept last night!”


What I really mean:

   Netflix. And chill.
   I had so much fun and you weren't there. Haha.
   I want you to know there's a problem, but I don't want to talk about it.

4. “I’m not that hungry.”


What I really mean:

   The food is horrible.
   I'm trying to fit into my skinny jeans again but am not telling you.
   I hate you and you can jolly well eat on your own.

5. “I’ll be there in five minutes.”


What I really mean:

   I'm just leaving my house now. Argh! I forgot my keys again!
   I'm just getting out of bed right now. I need to change!
   I totally forgot we're meeting. Okay, coming now.

6. “I’m on my way.”


What I really mean:

   I just have to send that email out.
   5 more minutes till this movie ends!
   Ok, they're there. Time to get ready!

7. “I know what you mean.”


What I really mean:

   Nope. Wasn't listening.
   No, I don't. But yes, do go on.
   Okay, is it my turn to speak now?

8. “You look tired.”


What I really mean:

   Gosh. You look ugly today.
   Maybe you should take care of yourself a little more.
   Can't wait to phone someone to tell them about your face.

9. “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.”


What I really mean:

   Get out of my way T&Cs!
   No. But sure.
   Er, what?

10. “Just one more episode.”


What I really mean:

   Please go to sleep now and don't bother me.
   Come on, it's Netflix. No one watches just "one more episode."
   It's actually 6 more episodes. Then another 2 more. But yes. One more.

11. “Lol.”


What I really mean:

   Sorry, don't really know what to say but that.
   "Hahahaha" takes a longer time.
   I'm just being polite. And no, I'm not laughing out loud.

12. “I just want a bite.”


What I really mean:

   Why does yours look nicer than mine?
   Damnit. Should have ordered that instead.
   I hate mine. Please give me yours.

13. “I’m never drinking again.”


What I really mean:

   Need to remember how not to get drunk!
   Never...until this hangover goes away!
   Got to pace myself the next time.

14. “I don’t have any regrets.”


What I really mean:

   Yup, I've made a lot of bad choices. Sigh.
   I don't want to sound like a loser, so yeah, no regrets!
   There are things so embarrassing no one else should ever find out.

15. “I’m fine.”


What I really mean:

   No, I'm not. Please give in to me instead.
   And the most boring and annoying question has been asked yet again!
   I'm too proud to show you my weak side.

16. “It’s too much to text.”


What I really mean:

   I'm just lazy, really.
   You're boring. As hell.
   I'm not interested, dude.

17. “Who is this? I got a new phone, no numbers!”


What I really mean:

   I deleted you because you're not really a friend.
   Do you really need my number if you're not going to call me?
   Sorry? Maybe there's a reason we didn't keep in contact.