Garages are great for storing your little-used items. Things that are broken can end up in there awaiting a repair. Perhaps some of your tools are popped in there for safe keeping? For most of us, the garage becomes a bit of a store room. It’s rarely used for housing a car.

If you’ve felt that your garage has become a wasted space, then why not consider converting it into something more useful? From time to time, you can feel like your house just isn’t big enough. You might have thought of extending it, or even moving somewhere bigger. These are quite drastic solutions if you have a garage outside. Why not consider one of these awesome conversion ideas?

Games Room

A garage is a good size space when you clear it out. You can add a quality floor and use it for a games room. You might have a pool table in there or even a foosball table. You can add insulated walls to keep the damp and the spiders out. A quick lick of paint is usually enough, but why not go all-out in your conversion. Add some gaming chairs, a big screen TV and you’ve got yourself a gamer’s heaven.

Man Cave

Lots of guys like their own space. For the ultimate man cave, you can add some opening windows to your garage. Insulate the walls, or even add some paneling. You might want to install a bar at one end and some seating around it to entertain your mates. A big screen TV for watching the game is a great addition to any man cave.

Kids Play Area

Your garage can easily become a safe and cozy space for the kids to play in. Add a good quality floor and some carpeting. A micro suede bean bag for each child is great for sitting and lounging as they play or watch TV. You can build storage for their toys and games in as you are insulating the walls. This space should have a window for safety and ventilation.

Home Gym

Many people wish they had a dedicated space for working out. The garage is a great space for building your own gym. You can find industrial flooring for gym spaces online. If some of your equipment requires mains power, you might want to consider insulating the walls to keep damp and cold out of the electrics. Install a good window for ventilation and natural light too. Garage floors are great for heavy equipment like weight and benches as well.

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Ultimate Utility

With some extra building work and plumbing, you could use your garage as a utility. Install sinks for workshopping or laundry. You can have your washing machine and tumble dryer out there. With some kitchen countertops, you will soon have an amazing utility area.

Garages can be reclaimed for lots of different purposes. Don’t let it go to waste with storing your old junk. Many garages have some roof space, so that could be utilized for those must keep items you rarely use. What will your garage become today?