Amidst all the pandemic madness and the lockdowns, the group of humans that has suffered the most has been the school-going children. Having to stay home in the confines of the four walls with minimum to no social contact with peers, has been infinitely taxing on them. Add to the mix, the online classes and the lonely study sessions with the screen have made academics a burden if not a privilege. 

In such a setting, extracurricular activities have been nothing short of a boon. In these lonely times, the kids have had the opportunity to develop and work on the areas of their life that have been neglected before that. Arts, crafts, music, performing arts and sports are now becoming a rage among growing kids. Earlier, these activities saw the light of day only when the academics were done and dusted. Now, music and arts have become a solid part of the kids’ schedules.
And this is a wonderful development in your kids’ life. Learning music, most of all, has been proven to be of immense benefit to children. Music is known to make you happier and more stable. Apart from being generally beneficial, kids in particular thrive when exposed to music and musical training. We provide the facility of Online Keyboard and Piano Classes. You can easily enroll your kids into Online Piano Classes for Kids.
Let’s gloss over the specific benefits the kids enjoy when they learn music 
1. Music helps in the development of the brain

Learning music, either vocal or a musical instrument is known to have a very positive effect on the workings of the brain. Kids who have been exposed to musical training often show extended episodes of increased brain activity and better academic performance. There is also proof that kids who learn to play musical instruments excel in Mathematics. Now, that is a win!
2. Music is fun and gives the kids the opportunity to express themselves

Music, if not leisure, is an important form of self-expression. While it is definitely fun to learn new tunes, music makes it easier for some kids to find their voice and express themselves. Learning new songs or instruments, and being part of pop culture is fun for them!
3. Music helps kids tap into their social skills

Learning Music is a solitary activity. It requires the kid to get together with a couple of other peers and the teacher, even if the classes are online. Learning music in a social setting helps the kids to overcome the awkwardness that some kids face and battle. They become more open, receptive, and responsive to their surroundings. Especially in a time when we are trying to bring back the normal, a social grouping like this outside the classroom is highly recommended.
4. Music is a great stress buster and helps keep anxiety at bay

In the post-Covid era, kids are facing more mental health issues than they have ever had to face. They are riddled with depression, stress, and anxiety on the regular, and music can help ease all that. Learning music will act as a great stress reliever. Music is known to do wonders to the human mind with its calming abilities. Your kid will particularly thrive mentally if they learn music. 
5. Music is an amazing life-skill

The knowledge of Music is an amazing life skill to have for your kids when they grow up. Such learnings do not slip out of practice that easily, and they will help your kids greatly in the long run. 
Learning Music is not just an extracurricular activity, it is about getting trained in whole new life skills. And we are all for it! In Physeek Fit.