It's not easy being a woman, especially if you have a tendency to worry about things. But all this anxiety isn't doing you any good, which gives you even problems to worry about. Take for instance this latest study published online in PLoS ONE, in which researchers linked phobic anxiety to premature aging. Daily Mail reports:
A team from Brigham and Women's Hospital from Boston took blood samples from more than 5,000 women aged 42 to 69 years old. They also asked them to fill out a questionnaire about any phobic symptoms that they sufferers.

The team found having a high phobic anxiety level was associated with significantly shorter telomere lengths.
For those of you not familiar with science jargon, telomeres are the caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect our genetic material from damage. They are considered markers of biological or cellular ageing. And according to their data, too much of this type of anxiety can make you look up to six years older than your real age!

Shortened telomeres have also been linked to increased risk of cancers, heart disease, dementia and mortality.