For most men, maintaining a home cleaning routine isn’t something too familiar. Blame it on their genes, parents or their privileges but the fact is, most men only have helped with chores when asked. 

In fact, they probably had their mother and father tell them what to clean, how to clean it and when. 
Some of you might think that these are just myths, old clichés used by others to discredit your work around the house. Well guys, hate to break it to you, but facts beg to differ. We even have science to back our claims up… 


Are Men Doing Equal Work at Home?

A recent study from Pew Research Center discovered that while most men feel confident that they are equal to the opposite gender when it comes to chores, they actually are not. In fact, women, no matter how many hours they work, do more household labor than men. 

While the study examined married couples, the same thing applies to single men as well. Most young men living on their own for the first time, struggle with maintaining a cleaning routine. However, keeping your dwelling space tidy is important for a number of reasons:

For starters, it is hygienic
It will allow you to feel comfortable
Give you a peace of mind 
Relieve you from the stress caused by unexpected guest

One option is to hire a cleaning company like Helpling in London to clean your home once a week. This will allow you to procrastinate as much as you want and still live in comfort. However, since most young men don’t really have enough funds to enjoy this luxury, establishing a cleaning routine is a must.

Establishing a Daily Routine

Instead of letting the mess pile up, you just need to take ten minutes each morning and night and your house will look perfect. Here you have our attack plan:

Your Morning Cleaning Routine:
Clean your shower after the morning shower
Take care of the sink and bathroom counter after shaving
After you’re done with breakfast, wipe down the kitchen countertops
If you have an actual dishwasher, make sure to empty it

Your Evening Cleaning Routine:
When the dinner is done, put the dishes in the dishwasher
Take the vacuum cleaner and clean up the place where’ve eaten
Pick up any dirty clothes you had laying around and place them in hamper
Check the house one more time before you go to bed and pick up any clutter

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re living in an apartment or a dorm, the suggested routine above will allow you to keep your living quarters clean, without putting in hours of work every day. Needless to say, if you’re living in a house all by yourself, your routine will be a little bit more complicated and involved. 

However, no matter how enormous the job seems, you need to motivate yourself to tackle it. You cannot simply sit around and let the mess grow bigger, right? Just follow these routines, and your home will look cleaner than ever – we guarantee it.