Electrical engineering is one of the most stable and continuously growing career niches for high school graduates.

According to a report by Data USA, nearly 4.54 million electrical engineers are currently working in America

The figures are increasing with stable growth of 1.44% every year, which means you can get numerous opportunities if you consider it a career option.

To become an electrical engineer, it is evident that you will need an electrical engineering degree from a renowned institution.

However, that is not enough as you can not apply for an electrical engineering job without a professional electrical engineer resume.

Considering this, we are here with some guidelines that will help you build a well-versed resume for electrical engineer jobs.

Moreover, if you are already working as an electrical engineer, these five tips will make your electrical resume shine to bag your next job as an electrical engineer without complications:

Outline Your Resume in a Professional Resume Format

The first thing you need to do is outline your resume in a professional resume format. Most people start writing their details without paying much attention to resume formatting.

Though you can find numerous resume formats online, we have picked three highly effective resume formats that can help you professionally outline your electrical engineer resume.

Reverse Chronological Resume Format
Functional Resume Format
Combination Resume Format

You can use a reverse-chronological or combination resume format for general resume-building tasks for people with continuous professional experience. For exceptional cases, like people having a career gap, a functional resume format will be the right pick.

Make Separate Section to Showcase Skills

To bag an electrical engineer job, you need to possess all the fundamental electrical engineering skills that can impress your recruiter and make you worthy of your desired job.

The most effective technique of showcasing your electrical engineer resume skills is by making separate sections for your technical and key skills.

Use Bullet Points Instead of Long Paragraphs

Recruiters these days do not have much time to spend even a few minutes screening a resume. Hence, we recommend you increase the readability of your resume as much as you can.

For that, you can avoid using long paragraphs in your resume and use one-liner bullet points instead. Apart from the summary/objective, you can showcase every detail in your resume in bullet points to emphasize its effectiveness.

Highlight Essential Metrics & Technical Keywords

Technical keywords are essential in your electrical engineer resume as it has to parse through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Moreover, we advise you to highlight these keywords and other essential metrics to clear the recruiter’s resume screening round without any hurdle. You can use the job description or Google to find technical keywords for your selected career niche.

Write an Easy to Read Resume Summary

The resume summary is one of the essential elements of a resume. As its name suggests, it comprises a brief description of your entire resume. You can not write the resume summary in bullet points. Hence, you need to enhance its readability by using easy-to-read and flawless language.

Moreover, you also need to ensure the connectivity of your resume summary with other elements of the resume. We advise you to add some technical keywords in the resume summary, as recruiters usually read resume summaries if they find that interesting.

Key Takeaways

Take a look at the key takeaways of this article:

Choose a professional resume format to outline your resume appropriately
Mention your technical and key skills in separate sections for better presentation
Write your professional details in bullet  points instead of long paragraphs to improve readability
Highlight the technical keywords and essential information wherever necessary in your resume
Craft an easy-to-read resume summary to engage the recruiter and enhance your shortlisting chances

You can follow these guidelines to make your electrical engineer resume shine before applying for an electrical engineer job. Getting a job in this competitive era is not a piece of cake for everyone. To get your desired job, we advise you to start preparing for the interview before the recruitment process starts. Wishing you the best of luck in your upcoming job search.