The sports betting market is expected to grow by over $135 billion from 2020-2025, driven by changes in the regulatory landscape and innovative tech trends. One of these tech trends that’s shaping this multi-billion-dollar market is the rise of sports betting apps and mobile sites. Sports betting apps directly impact the player’s overall experience, starting with basic functionalities like account creation to more advanced features like AI integration and virtual reality.

Here are key features reliable sports betting apps need to offer their players to enhance the user experience.

Login and registration

The Login and Registration section allows players to create and access their betting accounts using their email and password or through their social media accounts. This section might also feature several security measures for regular users. For example, creating user accounts might be restricted in some locations and if any user tries to access a betting account from a prohibited country, they won’t be allowed.

Betting guide/ user onboarding

Any comprehensive sports betting application like the Betway app will feature a betting guide to show players around the platform and explain how they can place wagers. A starter guide is often implemented as engaging pop-up instructions that players encounter when they first use the app and set up their betting accounts. Moreover, the betting guide should be useful for players who are new to sports betting to familiarize themselves with how things work.

Personalized player dashboard

You see a dashboard every time you open the Betway sports betting app. Players need to get the features that they often need within their grasp when betting. Also, the dashboard presents players with personalized recommendations to encourage players to explore new games, bonuses, and promotions. That’s made possible by the integration of sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather information on user behavior and generate recommendations based on the analyzed patterns.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is a separate dashboard set for the sportsbook operator as they use different functionalities from the players. Admins need access to user accounts for verification purposes, the option to add or ban players, view transaction history, content management, send notifications, and game statistics.

Search and filter options

Filter options help players narrow down their search to view bets by status, date, and average betting rates. What’s more, modern sports betting app developers are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to create powerful search engines with self-learning and personalization features.

AI-powered smart search helps sports punters to find exactly what they need. And with artificial intelligence being the underlying power, the smart search engine keeps improving and adapting to every individual’s needs.

Payment integration

Payment integration is a key feature to integrate into a sports betting app since players need to easily deposit and withdraw money. That can be done in multiple ways, including linking bank cards and e-wallet payment gateways.


Notifications keep the players informed about the game results, match summaries, and special offers. They can be available as push or in-app notifications. However, notifications can turn into a nuisance for players if not well integrated.

Multi-language support

Multi-language support is critical for sportsbooks with audiences across multiple countries. It allows operators to offer personalized customer support to players and encourage market growth.