Broadway theatre has always remained a popular attraction among Americans and foreign tourists. Many visitors find themselves enthralled by magnificent performances right before their eyes. They can watch seasoned actors and actresses display their talent and transport themselves to a fantastic wonderland filled with brilliant music and ingenious characters. The coronavirus pandemic briefly halted musical activities in the country. But now, enthusiasts are returning to witness the pinnacle of amusement! Let's discuss some must-watch blockbusters scheduled to open soon near you. So, here's a list of eight Broadway musicals we strongly suggest you should watch with your chums.

Broadway performances you should attend

It's challenging to categorize Broadway productions as every single one of them constitutes a must-watch for individuals interested in unadulterated entertainment. However, people forget some memorable performances. Hence, it is difficult to predict which shows are bound to "take off" in the future. Even an evergreen production may receive acclaimed success. A Broadway musical can become famous for using everlasting lyrics, narrating a relatable legend, or recruiting expert performers. From esteemed classics to star-driven comedies – there have been some major productions that altered the business. We will mention some of these historical performances that are still playing in your closest theater.

1. Wicked

Nobody explored the characters of Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz as "wickedly" as Gregory Maguire did in his 1995 publication. It was brought to Broadway in 2003 with Stephen Schwartz' vivacious lyricism enhancing the splendor of this morality-enthused prequel to the young Dorothy's misadventures in Oz. It narrates the biography of the wicked witches from the magicians' perspectives. If you're in Texas, you're in luck! You can now watch Wicked in Houston by buying tickets online while this musical keeps showing in 2022. It's a chance to revisit the production that's been mesmerizing the American audience since the late '30s. So, watch the stories of Galinda and Elphaba journeying from enmity to rivalry in this masterpiece.

2. Chicago

This 1975 musical has surpassed The Lion King to become the second longest-running production on Broadway, with The Phantom of the Opera still dominating the first position. Based on a play written in 1926 during the "jazz age," Chicago follows the ventures of two female assassins – Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly – and the corruption ensuing from their killings. This show is famous for its depiction of the "celebrity criminal" concept. It's toured UK and Ireland this September and is moving globally. If you are in New York, get your tickets to Chicago on Broadway, a true New York City institution.

3. Is This A Room

In 2018, an intelligence specialist named Reality Winner leaked information about Russians infiltrating the 2016 presidential elections. She went to jail, and playwright Tina Satter recreated her experience in the form of Is This A Room. Earning fame from an astounding publication called Ghost Rings, Satter's version of Winner's story involved the word-for-word transcript of FBI interviewing the senior airman. This show was just previewed on Broadway in October and shall continue playing by the end of November. Satter's production handles the dramatization of this real-life event lucidly and creates a heart-wrenching question about our justice system.

4. The Producers

Mel Brooks knows how to create a brilliant production about two characters writing the worst show on Broadway. The Producers made Brooks, who had just debuted as a director, win an Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay in the '60s. This musical has remained one of the most popular attractions on Broadway, with Larry David recreating it in his Curb Your Enthusiasm. It also involves two people – a producer and his accountant – coming up with a money-making scheme by writing an awful play. 

5. The Cursed Child

Rowling's additions to her fantastic wizard universe haven't been accepted by some Harry Potter enthusiasts now. However, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has remained one of the most critically acclaimed Broadway productions. It follows the story of the messianic protagonist as an adult while Potter's son replaces his father as a student at Hogwarts. Created in 2018, it reopens in November, condensed into a singular performance instance of the original two-part production. Similarly, it will play in other cities such as Tokyo, London, and Melbourne as well. Experts have been calling Cursed Child an absolute triumph of the magic of theater that leaves the audience fascinated and excited.

6. To Kill A Mockingbird

Harper Lee revolutionized American literature when she published To Kill A Mockingbird. Then her award-winning fiction was produced for Broadway by the famous playwright Aaron Sorkin. Directed by the South Pacific¬ fame Bartlett Sher, it starred Jeff Daniels as the lawyer who defends an African-American gentleman from the fabricated allegation of sexually harassing a white woman. This play has resumed performance since this October while the show's planned to move to West End in March next year.

7. The Book Of Mormon

From South Park to Family Guy, the satirical handling of Mormonism hasn't remained well-received by the faithful. However, the non-believing audience has always enjoyed the sarcastic comments by authors regarding the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Originally staged in 2011 by the creators of South Park, this show retells the biography of two fictional Mormon missionaries who try to convert some uninterested Ugandan animists to their religion. The group's touring UK and Ireland now, where they are scheduled to perform until October 2022. This show's obscene, sardonic, and as irreverent as you would expect Parker and Stone to be! After all, they've created the character of Eric Cartman.

8. Hamilton

No list is complete without mentioning Hamilton as one of the most compelling storylines ever produced for Broadway. Based on Alexander Hamilton's biography by Ronald Chernow, it was written and composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who described the musical as "America then, told by America now." After premiering in 2015, the show resumed on Broadway this September after the pandemic-caused recession.  So, this theatrical masterpiece's a must-watch for every patriot alive.


From The Lion King (the most successful) to The Phantom of the Opera (the most performed) – musicals performed by theater artists have almost made Broadway a cultural emblem in the USA. Some experts estimate that there have been 300+ musicals even though people can't even remember ten names! It's believed that more than 11 million people attended different musicals on Broadway during 2018/2019. Written by masterful storytellers and performed by experienced entertainers, these shows are bound to amuse visitors and compel random onlookers to stay till the end! Some of our recommendations include Wicked, The Cursed Child, and To Kill A Mockingbird. These shows do make you come back for more.