Advertising has permeated every part of our modern lives. It’s nigh on impossible to go barely an hour without being exposed to some form of advertising, whether that’s explicit or implicit. The global advertising industry is currently worth an estimated $1.2 trillion - half the GDP of the UK.
Don’t get caught out on Melbourne Cup race day because you don’t understand the jargon. Learn how to talk the talk by following this easy guide.
It's no surprise she's gone the path of modeling. Kendall Jenner is indeed quite a looker! Check out some more pictures of her in the gallery below. She's like Kim Kardashian 2.0 except she's not as annoying and doesn't have a sex tape. Yet.
Gisele may have retired from modeling, but no one said anything about retiring from being beautiful and launching books that have pictures of her posing in the most supermodel-sexy-like manner! Check out the gallery below for some of the stuff you can find in her book.
Kylie Jenner is finally of age now and it's finally okay to go see Uncle Terry. She meets up with Richardson for a sexy shoot for Galore magazine. She tells the issue of Galore:
Emily Ratajkowski is famous now, but she's getting annoyed at the one thing that shot her fame through the roof. She would like you to stop talking about Blurred Lines now since she's in other movies and her Instagram is her gift to you. She told InStyle UK:
Not wanting the attention to be taken away by so many others, Chrissy Teigen decided to wear this to the VMAs. Is she even wearing underwear? It's possible she's not. I mean, how can one even be comfortable with that? Check it out in the gallery below:
Megan Fox is officially single. She's dumped the guy from Beverly Hills 90210. Looks like it's an open fly zone now! From People:
Nina Agdal returns for another shoot for Beach Bunny, baring her body for the bikini brand. Anytime is great for the beach. Check out more pictures of Nina in the gallery below:
Alessandra Ambrosio takes a break from bikini and lingerie modeling to holiday with her family, and even if it's just casual, she sure as heck looks super duper hot here. Check out more pictures of her in the gallery below:
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